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Western Carolina University (WCU) Skyline - Wall Hanging - Crafted from Cherry or Maple Wood


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PRE-ORDER NOTICE: This item is currently back-ordered, and will take 3 weeks to arrive from the date of order placement. Thank you for your understanding!

Show your Catamount pride with this beautiful WCU wall hanging – the perfect gift for any fan, student, or graduate looking to add a refined touch to their home! These elegant pieces are cut from cherry wood, with each board hand selected for the perfect shape, texture, and wood grain to ensure each piece is both eye-catching and unique. The precise craftsmanship that goes into each wall hanging is guaranteed to make it a treasured part of any room for years to come!

How do I hang this?
Our team attaches a strong metal hanger to the back of each wall hanging to ensure you an easy hanging experience! We also include high quality rubber adhesive wall bumpers for you to stick on the back. These bumpers will not only give your art extra dimension but also prevent your wall from getting accidentally scratched and keep the art secured on your wall.

Where should I stick the rubber adhesive wall bumpers?
This part is super easy, so don't put too much thought into it! Stick the bumpers around your border as evenly as you can and roughly 1" from the edge border.

How thick is the wood?
Our wood is 1/4" thick which we have found is the optimal thickness to provide stability while also being light weight.

Will the wood color fade?
No, our wall hangings will not fade with time. We hand sand, stain, and spray a professional furniture grade lacquer on every wall hanging to ensure top notch quality and protection.

Can I hang my wooden wall hanging outside?
Our wooden wall hangings were designed for indoors, but because of the professional grade lacquer painstakingly applied to each piece, you can hang it outdoors as long as it is protected from the elements (heavy rain, strong gusts of wind, snow, etc). Safe outdoor locations to hang your LazerEdge wall hanging are inside a screened door, on a screened-in porch, or in a garage.

What size should I order?
Everyone's home is set up differently, so we always recommend you use a tape measure to better visualize what size would be best on your wall. When in doubt, we recommend going with the larger size to make a statement!

Can I use a command strip to hang this art if I can't put a nail in my wall?
Yes, you can use a command strip to hang it, but you will need to remove the metal hanger and you will not be able to use the wall bumpers. Therefore, the wall hanging will lay flat against the wall. Although we always recommend our customers use 2 command strips in case one fails, our wall hangings are light enough to hang with just 1 strip!
If you decide to take the metal hanger off and want to put it back on in the future, we recommended to screw it into the wood in a different location so a new, sturdy screw hole is formed. Although it is not necessary, it is also recommended to use a dab of glue to strongly bond the screw into the wood.

Can I order a custom wall hanging with my own logo or a larger size of this design to fit my wall?
Absolutely, if you would like a custom wall hanging made please email us at

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