Though we've grown tremendously, LazerEdge is first and foremost a craftsman shop, placing the quality of our work above everything else. We have dedicated ourselves to the art of harmonizing top-notch craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology, which allows us to achieve the level of precision and detail that distinguishes LazerEdge artwork from all other manufactured wooden products. 

Our mission is to create alluring art out of sustainable materials while using business to inspire and invest in the next generation of leaders throughout the United States. In support of this mission, all of our products are proudly Made in the USA! 

Signature, Will Pfitzner

Will Pfitzner - Founder of LazerEdge



We believe in giving back.

We didn't forget where we came from. We work to expand "Our Commitment" with each new university partner in order to give back to student-focused entrepreneurship groups like the one that helped us get our start. "Our Commitment" revolves around our firm belief that students play a critical role in driving positive change throughout our communities. To help empower this next generation of leaders, LazerEdge donates a portion of each collegiate purchase to a partnered student organization at that university.

Without the help of NC State's Entrepreneurship Garage and several key mentors, LazerEdge would not exist. With that in mind, we make ourselves available to any student groups seeking a mentor. One of the greatest joys of working with educational institutes is the ability to provide students the opportunities we are so thankful for.